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Bedlam in Paradise is the one-hundred-sixty-second Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


Original poster

Shemp is dying in bed, with Moe and Larry standing by his bedside. Just as Shemp announces he is going to "kick the bucket," he warns his buddies to behave themselves or he will come back and haunt them. A few moments later, Shemp has arrived in heaven, talking with his Uncle Mortimer (Moe dressed as Moses). Mortimer is on the phone checking to see if Shemp will remain in Heaven or Hell, and it does not look good. Furthermore, it comes to light that cousins Moe and Larry have also not been on their best behavior. A few moments later, the Devil (Philip Van Zandt) appears in a burst of flame announcing to Shemp that he will provide everything he needs. Uncle Mortimer stops the Devil saying he will give Shemp one more chance; reform Moe and Larry and he will enter Heaven for good. The catch is that Shemp cannot be seen nor heard by anyone on Earth, much to his delight.

Back on Earth, Moe and Larry are crying their eyes out while attending the reading of Shemp's will with their attorney, I. Fleecem (Vernon Dent). Seems that Shemp has left behind a grand total of $140, which is $10 more than Fleecem's fee. The boys grumble about not having much dough, but invisible Shemp swipes the money back from Fleecem, putting it in Moe and Larry's pockets. When they realize money has magically reappeared, they get spooked, and then remember Shemp saying he would come back to haunt them. They brush this off, but do not completely clear their heads of Shemp's ghostly presence.

Afterward, Moe and Larry rent a luxury apartment, thanking a man who calls himself "Mr. Heller" (the Devil). Heller has been aiding Moe and Larry with some "devilishly good ideas," such as conning wealthy couple the DePuysters (Victor Travers and Symona Boniface) into buying a fountain pen that will write under whipped cream.

Shemp enters the luxurious apartment and quickly smacks Moe and Larry to let them know he is there. The DePuysters show up, and promptly receive dollops of cream in their face when Shemp turns the mixer to "high." After the mixer catches fire, Shemp begins yelling, thinking he has gone to hell. A few moments later, he awakes, realizing this was all a dream.