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Ants in the Pantry is the twelfth Columbia Pictures short subject to star The Three Stooges.



A. Mouser, the owner of the Lightning Exterminating Co, is behind on bills, and ready to fire his three employees, the stooges of course. The boys want another chance, and Mouser sends the boys out, giving them the instructions, "If they don't have ants, you GIVE them ants". The boys get the point, and sneak into a Swanky party and fill the house with Insects, Reptiles, and Mice. The stooges then show up at the door, and the butler thinking that heaven has sent him a miracle dresses the stooges as partygoers and lets them in. They manage to sabotage the party when Curly puts a bag of cats in the piano, and Larry is pushed inside to get them out. When the host of the party feels it ruined, one of her quest's rescue her by saying that the entertainers were the hit of the party, and suggests they join them in their fox hunt.