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All the World's a Stooge is the fifty-fifth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


Wealthy Mr. Bullion (Emory Parnell) is up in arms when his eccentric wife (Lelah Tyler) informs him that she wants to adopt a refugee. After taking a trip to his dentist, Mr. Bullion meets the Stooges, who are inept window washers calling themselves "refugees." He then has a very nasty idea to disabuse his wife of her philanthropic notion: pass these three nitwits off as refugee children.

Mrs. Bullion is naturally thrilled at the sight of the Stooges (who are dressed as toddlers, in large sailor suits and moptop curly wigs), but she ends up regretting their adoption after a party is thrown in their honor — and Mr. Bullion is beginning to regret concocting this scheme to begin with. The festivities are interrupted when an angered Mr. Bullion chases after the Stooges swinging an ax.



  • The idea of the Three Stooges being a "children refugee" was reused later in Quiz Whizz which featured Joe Besser as the Third Stooge.