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A Pain in the Pullman is the sixteenth Three Stooges short subject made by Columbia Pictures.


The Stooges are small time actors traveling by rail to an engagement—and fleeing the landlady for their unpaid rent. They are told to put their pet monkey, Joe, in the baggage car, but are afraid he will get hurt. They sneak Joe onto the train with them, but Joe gets loose, And they have a hard time getting up to the berth bed by making a lot of noise managing to awaken and annoy all of the train's passengers, including Mr. Paul Paine (James C. Morton) and Mr. Johnson (Bud Jamison) their mean bad-tempered stage manager. Ultimately, a terrified Joe pulls the train's emergency cord, abruptly stopping the train in the process. The passengers then forcibly remove the Stooges from the train because they were fired for making a lot of noises and bringing their pet monkey onto the train and they land on three cows and hobble away.