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3 Dumb Clucks is the twenty-second short subject from Columbia Pictures starring the Three Stooges.



Curly takes on a double role as Curly and the stooges father Popsie Wopsie in this short. The plot is that the 3 stooges are in jail, when they learn that their father is going to marry a gold digger named Daisy. The stooges break out of prison in an attempt to stop the wedding, and Daisy mistakes Curly for Popsie after he shaves his sideburns. Daisy and two other crooks named Butch and Chopper are going to murder Popsie after the wedding, but luckily the stooges are able to escape, and return Popsie to the waiting arms of Momma.


In the scene where the mugs pushes Popsie to the elevator shaft, Curly landed head-first on the 2x4 and suffered a cut on his head. He had to be fixed by the studio physician and his stitched-wound covered with make-up. The patch on his head is seen when Curly is trying on hats.